Re/Max Annual Awards Breakfast

Congratulations to Ramon Cezar, Luke Makris, Jaqueline Tai and Omid Valinasab on receiving their Hall Fame pins and due recognition. Our Top Producer Award (The Eagle Award) was received by Omid Valinasab. Congratulations as well to the more than 100 agents who received Platinum, 100% and Executive Club Awards. Regional Office’s new format of Personalized Wall Certificates and Lapel Pins was a change from the previous medallion/plaque set up but think about it. You can’t wear a medallion or a plaque but you can wear the handsome lapel pins showing your status as one of our top producers. They usually open up a conversation about real estate when someone nearby spots your pin. Conversations lead to listings and sales in places that you never would dream of getting them. In elevators, plazas, line ups, washrooms, pumping gas, sports events, etc. Be proud. Wear your Remax pins and I bet you pick up 3-5 extra deals per year!

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